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School Boards


Schools have had problems with mold and odors in gyms and other common areas, along with viral transmission in nurse/first aid offices. More recently, school boards have sought to reduce the presence of COVID-19 virus in air and on surfaces to protect against transmission among students and staff.

Pyure Solution

Pyure portable and Wall-Mounted devices have been installed in numerous schools. Some school boards have recently decided to deploy portable units in all classrooms and common areas of all district schools. Pyure Technology has been specified in a number of COVID-19 response plans.


Schools have seen odor and mold issues resolved and have seen a reduction in the number of influenza cases after devices were installed. The scientific evidence showing Pyure Technology kills the COVID-19 virus provides school boards, staff and parents peace of mind.

For more information about successful outcomes in Education settings, please contact our sales team at sales@pyure.com.


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